Finally our website got ready. So far, there has not been much to see at "", and the 20000+ of you that has visited the site since it got registered in May 2005 have rightly to been disappointed. We have been working on the site on and off throughout this time, but we have not been able to give this priority in a busy year. Hopefully the pages have been worth waiting for!

We wish to care for you and your pets!

Stavanger with its surroundings have a very large international community, related to oil and other industry, the NATO-base, the University and other education or general work purposes. We want to be your preferred clinic and give care the way that you are used to from your home country. Our Veterinary Surgeon, P.H.Abrahamsen, did all his 5 year of training at Liverpool University, and felt very at home with the anglo-american view of veterinary care and general pet keeping.


When it comes to language, our staff are happy to relate to you in English. For those of you who can read a bit of Norwegian, the Norwegian part of this site contains a lot of (hopefully) relevant information about all kinds of pets and pet care.

What these pages are for

We have made these pages for several resons; As our clinic is new these pages give you a good opportunity to check out our clinic if you who are wondering whether to contact us, or if you are just curious. If you should decide to make contact the pages will also show you both contact-information, map and directions.

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